A new area of the Dream World was opened internationally! Thanks to the new Dream Park, we have updated our currently seeking list to reflect the new pokemon we are looking for.

Welcome to The Chaos Trade Shop!

Please be sure to read the Rules and Etiquette before making a trade offer!

 Here at the Chaos Trade Shop, we aim to offer the widest variety of Hidden Ability (also known as Dream World) Pokemon!

We offer a large variety! Be sure to check the tab that best suits what you are looking for! What does each tab hold?

Featured Pokemon: Each week, Omen will select a Pokemon available in the CTS library and highlight it's features and give some recommendations.

Dream World Library: This is our list of female Pokemon with their hidden abilities. Because of their ability to pass down hidden abilities by breeding, they are highly sought even if their abilities are underwhelming. This is also our largest variety of Pokemon available.

Currently Seeking: This is a list of the Pokemon we are currently seeking to increase our Dream World Library. As it nears completion, this will likely be a place for the Admins to post what currently interests them for a trade.

PC Box: This is where we put those special Pokemon. They could be shiny. They may have great IVs. Ideal Natures. Simply highly sought after. Maybe even some Legendary Pokemon! This is also something we like to fill through trade offers for our Dream World Library Trades.

Trainer Profiles: These are the Admin's personal profiles for the Chaos Trade Shop. Contact information and personal did you knows will be updated on each individual profile.

Have Fun and Happy Trading!