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Hello! My name is Cross West. You might know me by my twitter handle ryukapples8688 either way im one of the admins here at cts to help with your trades. I first heard about cts from one of my favorite podcasts (striaton radio) and thought it was a great idea! Since I am one to have horrible luck getting female dream world pokemon out of the global link i felt cts was a better route. Thank you Tyson!

    Like Omen, I started my pokemon journey with red and blue. I however fell off the band wagon during 3rd gen seeing how I was way too cool to play pokemon. =) Really dont know what made me start playing again but for some reason I had an urge to pick up a pokemon game. So i did some research picked up platinum and i became hooked more than before.    Im currently playing pokemon emerald to catch up on the 3rd gen. I am still playing Black as well.

I live in Sacramento California and  best way to get in contact with me is via twitter,skype,or ask one of the other admins. Hope you enjoy what cts has to offer and happy trading! =D

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