Rules and Etiquette

Be sure to read ALL of the rules and adhere to our Rules and Etiquette and enjoy our site!

1. All trade requests MUST be accompanied by an offer. Any requests for a trade without a trade offer will not be acknowledged.

2. To request a trade you must either;
-Post a comment requesting the trade in the corresponding post.
-Tweet or message us on Twitter, @ChaosTradeShop
-Leave us a comment or message on our Facebook
-Send us an e-mail 
-Leave us a post in our Nintend3DSCommunity Forum thread
-Contact one of the Admins via their prefered methods of contact on their Trainer Profiles.

3.  a) Absolutely NO HACKS!!! This means Pokemon that have been altered in any way with an Action Replay or other cheating devices. Any Trainer that has been found to have given a hacked Pokemon in exchange for a Pokemon from the trade shop will be blocked, banned and will never be allowed to trade with us again!

3. b) If you receive a hacked Pokemon from us, tell us right away so we can avoid similar problems with this pokemon! We Admins do not hack our pokemon, but some of our trades slip through the cracks and somehow pass our verification checks (Pokegen tends to do this). We can also seek the proper measures to shut down our trades with standard hackers.

3. c) If you accidentally trade us a hacked pokemon, tell us. It happens. You come to find out a trade friend on a Pokemon forum is called out for trading hacks. We are very understanding so long as you are straight forward with us. In those situations, we can try to work something out. 

4. Be respectful to both Shop Staff and visitors. Poor manners won't be tolerated and you may find your trade ignored and future trade offers rejected for poor etiquette.We are creating a friendly trading community, not a troll forum! 

5. Keep it clean! The Trade Shop is not the place to do your personal Advertising! Spam will not be tolerated. Again, you may find future trades rejected for poor etiquette.

6. Keep it clean part 2! Poor language and crude humor aren't acceptable here. There is always a chance for younger Pokemon Trainers looking for a trade and we need to be mindful of their potential presence.

These are the rules and etiquette for trade on this trade shop. The main reason they sound a little strict is due to the number of requests that we get for trades without an offer in return.

Keep in mind that this IS a shop and you must have something of value to offer for a trade.

You can always check the "Seeking" post for Pokemon that we are interested in, although it is not necessary.

We will decide whether or not we feel the offer is valuable enough. 

If it is, you get your trade. If it is not, make us another offer. 

Keep in mind that there are multiple CTS staff. 

Patience may be rewarded. 

One admin may have an interest in a pokemon another admin doesn't.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! We are a fun loving community and encourage everyone to enjoy themselves as long as it's respectful to our Rules and Etiquette.

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