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Hi all! My name is Rob and I'm a CTS admin. I used to collect Female Dream world Pokemon for the shop before I became a member. It was because of this that I was lucky enough to be asked to become an admin by Omen and Tyson and have never looked back. 

I got into Pokemon with the release of Pokemon Red/Blue and instantly loved them. I have played and enjoyed every generation. But it wasn't until gen 5 that I took the leap from casual gamer to a more dedicated gamer. Mainly learning how to competitively breed and battle my Pokemon. I like to think that under the guidance of experts like our very own Omen, I'm not that bad! XD

So feel free to enjoy the site and get in contact with me by any of the ways listed below. Im in Portsmouth England and I'm happy to talk trades, Pokemon, strategies, comedy and any old thing you want really! 

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3308 - 4544 - 7759
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 2237 - 3669 - 7753