Friends of CTS

We here at the CTS pride ourselves in branching out to communities to encourage trading. Much of this means we have made some good friends in interesting places. We intend to give them their dues here!


Whether you listen to their podcast "It's Super Effective" or enjoy their "Critical Hit" videos, you have to admit they are an amazing group of people who work hard to keep Pokemon interesting. You can personally enjoy SBJ's comical antics and Travis' insightful view of the competetive game. Read up on Will's Pokemon of the Week. Check out KayCStreet's Saturday Sketch. Learn more from Kenny's Move of the Week and Wil's (don't confuse your Wil(l)s!) Ability of the Week! They offer you an amazing variety and are probably the most insightful cast when it comes to the latest in the Trading Card Game.

Be sure to visit their Facebook page and give them a like! You can also follow them on Twitter and give them a tweet! Don't forget to check their Tumblr!

If you haven't gathered, you should really check them out on their Website listen to them on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also watch their Critical Hit stuff here!


StriatonRadio is one of the newer podcasts out there. Yes, our lead Admin is a regular on the cast! It's a group of pokemon fans discussing Pokemon! Probably one of the more knowledgeable in competetive video game breakdown. The cast is lead by Justin, Robert (not our Admin Rob though) and David. Justin and team are often joined by Omen, Ren and Kristina with some other guest appearances. They are still getting used to things and coming up with new ideas. That in mind they are amazing listen with some fresh ideas!

You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! They also have a Tumblr that is worth checking out! So be sure to listen to them on Podomatic iTunes and Stitcher! You should also check out their Website. Yes, it is flash based and no we can't change it. With some luck, that will change soon. 

Nintendo3DS Community Forums

Omen found a nice little gem of a hangout on the internet. Having been disappointed by both the Serebii and Smogon communities (although their sites are helpful and informative), Omen lost faith in forums. He found a place that wasn't heavily active, but had genuinely good people to chat with. Though not entirely Pokemon, they do have a forum for Pokemon. They pride themselves in being open to all Nintendo discussion. Don't worry, it's not all 3DS talk all the time.

You may want to check them out. N3DSC Forums 


Tyson is the man who started it all. He may not be a direct member of the CTS anymore, but he'll always hold a special place. It's on the foundation of his goals that we continue to strive to do what we've been doing. Be sure to find Tyson on Twitter and thank him for getting such a wonderful project started!