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I am Omen from StriatonRadio. I became the lead administrator when Tyson took leave. Though his absence is hard felt, the CTS must go on. I hope people come to realize that our goal is one that will be carried through to the end.

My Pokemon adventure started from the original Japanese era of Pokemon in 1996/1997. The game always looked cool and I knew I was going to be a fan. I just wish my first experience wasn't with a game I didn't understand ha ha ha.

People often ask me what my favourite Generation is. I often say it's the second Generation (Gold, Silver, Crystal) but I feel it's not fair to measure them so. Every Generation has given me a moment of pause. I find it more difficult to clearly decide which I like more. Though my heart is still in Generation two, it's less so an obvious decision and one I've come to carefully think on.

I'm currently working to finish a Poison Mono-type team. If you haven't gathered, I'm pretty into poison types. They are often undervalued by competitive players. Hopefully I can force some reconsideration.

I'm currently in Ontario Canada. For North Americans, that's the Eastern Time Zone. I'm typically busy Thursday night through Sunday morning due to work. As such, you'll probably want to deal with Rob or Cross on those particular days.

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