About Us

We are a Trade Shop that prides in having the widest variety of Hidden Ability (often refered to as Dream World) Pokemon available. We do intend to expand into other realms of available pokemon with our PC Box. Until then, we content ourselves in obtaining all the female Hidden Ability Pokemon so that we may breed them.

The Chaos Trade Shop (CTS) was originally started by Tyson. It was one man's small ideal to collect how we do and open a trading community in which more people feel comfortable trading. Omen's ambition is no different. Taking up the role of Lead CTS Admin, Omen plans to have every possible Female Dream World Pokemon ready for our valued community.

Though many Trade Shops may have the ideal Hidden Ability Pokemon, we don't stop there. Much like every Pokemon is different, so are the trainers who train them. Because of the wide variety of people available, we know having all the Dream World Abilities on hand is a better way to meet your needs. Be sure to contact us yourself if interested in a trade.

Naturally the role of CTS Admin is a very taxing experience without some help. That's where the Admin team comes in. Rob and Cross are at the ready to help you with your trade requests. Sometimes, contacting the Admins personally gets a quicker response. Be sure to say hello if you see them around on the internet!

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